Financial Service

WGAM is to provide the specialized financial asset management services,
high-end financial products, and unique investment opportunities
for High-Net-Worth families, leveraging Hong Kong Professional Investor Scheme.

As an independent asset management institution,
we offer various Securities Trading Service,
Discretionary Portfolio Management Service,
Private Equity Funds and External Asset Management Services

Discretionary Account Management Service

Based on individual risk-tolerance levels and return objectives of clients, WGAM offers a range of Managed Discretionary Account solution to use its senior investment experience and professional in-depth market research to manage investment portfolios and makes investment decisions on behalf of customers, striving for the best for customers in the ever-changing investment environment.

Private Equity Investment

WGAM has promptly planned and developed businesses in direct private equity investment contribute to Asia’s huge and financial market by leveraging the cross-border integration.
We also provide a wide range of investment opportunities including private equity and Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, helping investors find the best solutions.